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Ir. Soekarno

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     Ir. Soekarno, (Born in East Java, June 6, 1901 - died in Jakarta on June 21, 1970 at the age of 69 years) is Indonesia's first president who served in the period 1945-1966. Ir. Sukarno played a vital role to liberate the people of Indonesia from Dutch colonialism. Ir. Sukarno's Pancasila because he is a digger who first coined the concept of the basic state of Indonesia, and he himself who
named Pancasila.Ir. Sukarno proclaimed Indonesia's independence is (along with Mohammad Hatta) which occurred on August 17, 1945.

      When Sukarno was born given name Kusno Sosrodihardjo by his parents. But because he was often sick and then when the five-year-old was renamed by her father Sukarno, the name was taken from a warlord in the story of Bharata Yudha namely Karna. The name "Karna"to "Karno" because in the Java language letter "a"changes to "o" while the prefix "su" means "good".

     He attended the first time in Tulung Court until eventually he moved to Mojokerto, following her parents who were assigned in the city, her father Sukarno enter into Eerste inlandse School In Mojokerto, the school where he worked. Then in June 1911 Sukarno moved to Europeesche Lagere School (ELS) to make it easier Hoogere accepted at Burger School (HBS). Sukarno had completed his education in the ELS and successful transfer to HBS in 1915, in Surabaya, East Java. It can be accepted at HBS for the help of a friend of his father who called HOS Tjokroaminoto. Tjokroaminoto even gave shelter to Soekarno in the shelter house.

     After graduating H.B.S. 1920, Sukarno went to the Technische Hoge School (now ITB) in Bandung, majoring in civil engineering and graduated in 1925. Sukarno lived at the residence of Haji Sanusi, who is a member of the SI and Tjokroaminoto sidekick at the time in Bandung. There he interacted with Ki Hajar Dewantara, Tjipto Mangunkusumo and Dr. Douwes Dekker, who was a leader of the National organization Indische Partij.

     The period of national movement in July 1932, Sukarno joined the Party of Indonesia (Partindo), which is a fraction of PNI. Sukarno re-arrested in August 1933, and exiled to Flores. Soekarno almost forgotten by the national figures. But his spirit still burning as is implied in every letter to a teacher of Islamic Unity, Ahmad Hasan.

     Revolutionary War period, Sukarno together national leaders began to prepare themselves before the proclamation of independence of the Republic of Indonesia. After the trial Investigation Agency Preparation for Independence Indonesia BPUPKI, Small Committee consisting of eight people (official), Small Committee consisting of nine persons / committee Nine (which produces the Jakarta Charter) and the Preparatory Committee for Indonesian Independence PPKI, Soekarno-Hatta Indonesia State founded based on the 1945 Constitution and Pancasila.

     Myth Binitarian Soekarno-Hatta quite popular and stronger among the people compared to the prime minister head of government. President Soekarno also provides many ideas Internationally. His concern for the fate of Asian-African nations that are still not independent, yet have the right to self-determination, causing the president Sukarno, in 1955, took the initiative to convene the Asia-Africa Conference in Bandung, which produced Dasa Sila. Bandung is known as the Capital of Asia-Africa.

     In 1965, Indonesia's political situation became uncertain after six generals were killed in the incident known as the September 30 Movement, or G30S in 1965. Then the mass of the WE (Indonesian Student Action Union) and KAPI (Indonesian Student Action Union) conduct demonstrations and submit Tri People's Demands (Tritura) which one it requested that the PKI was dissolved. But Sukarno refused to dissolve the PKI because it conflicts with the view Nasakom (Nationalism, Religion, Communism). Soekarno attitude that refuses membuabarkan PKI then weaken his position in politics.

     February 20, 1967 Sukarno signed a Statement of Delivery Authority at the Merdeka Palace. With the signing of the letter was then Suharto became the de facto head of government of Indonesia. After doing the Special Session of the Assembly President Sukarno's rule was revoked, revoke the title of Great Leader of the Revolution and appoint Suharto as President until the next general election held.

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